Saturday, November 21, 2009

Check out this book - Dogtown!

Woo everyone, mom has been reading this book and she wanted us to let all of you know about it! It's called DOGTOWN: Tales of Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Redemption. If you have ever watched the hit National Geographic show "Dogtown" this is the companion book to it.

It is based on the Dogtown area of the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. It tells of dogs that have been rescued and rehabilitated as well as some personal stories of the dogtown caregivers. If you've heard of the Michael Vick dogs there's a story about Georgia, a pit bull who was one of the Vick dogs taken to Best Friends where she's given a second chance. Our mom actually volunteered at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary last summer and said it was a great experience. Anyway, if you're looking for a Christmas gift for a dog lover or just a good book to read check it out, its available wherever books are sold, and it's husky approved. ;)


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spotts said...

I love the pictures you have here on your blog. I really enjoyed reading through it.
Susan Potts
I have a pet business myself.

Phred said...

Congrats, Amy!!
You and the Three Snow-Pups are
getting to be Famous!

Now, about that Visit to Best Friends
and DogTown ... just WHERE are the photos?
I don't seem to remember reading
and Tails of that Adventure ...
WHERE are they hidden?

{{{Hugs}}} from Phred & the FurKids said...

What beautiful dogs! Thank you for sharing.

Eva Gallant said...

The pictures are great! especially the header. the Huskies are beautiful.

Was blog-hopping and landed here. Feel free to return the visit!

Anita Bell said...

Love your photos of your beautiful Huskies! I have a Husky named Kota. He is my empty nest child. lol We live in Arkansas so he doesn't have much snow. We tie his retractable leash to our golf cart and let him run. He sleeps in the bed with us! Wow, they are amazing dogs. Thanks for sharing all your pictures of your beautiful dogs! Anita Bell, Arkadelphia, AR