Monday, September 29, 2008

Walk, Wag, N' Swim

Since we weren't invited to the Sheepdog Competition we went to this neat event...this is the pool party mentioned in our introduction. When this pool gets ready to close for the season for humans, they open it up for DOGS! How cool is that? Well it'd be cooler if they just let dogs swim in it all the time, but we'll take what we can get. We went with our friends Cisco and Freyja! Here we are on the dog walk before the pool party:

Nebo just jumped right in...then swam to the other side and couldn't figure out how to get had to save him *snicker*

Once was enough for me

I'd rather run around on solid ground with my buddy Freyja!

Nebo was not embarassed by mom "saving" him, he went back in the pool

Now this is where its it...finding some humans that have nothing better to do than to pet me all day

Of course, she made us pose *rolls eyes*

I know how to work the camera (yes there were cookies involved)

Nebo also knows the power of cookies

Soldier Hollow Sheepdogs

About a month ago the human went to the Soldier Hollow Sheepdog competition...Splash Dogs was also there. We were not invited, something about distracting the working dogs...we wouldn't have been a distraction...we would have helped! Well, by help I mean we would have chased the sheep...dunno about getting them into the pen and around the gates and all that. But those sheep would have been running! And we probably would have eaten the ducks too, but don't tell the humans that. Anyway, mom thinks its great to watch dogs do what they were originally bred to do, so why hasn't she bought us a sled yet? Well, here's the pics of the herding competition:

And here's some from Splash Dogs

Now you see him...

Now you don't!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Its all about ME!

Hey Skya here...since the other pups had a whole blog about their Timpanogos adventure I get a blog all to myself too! I learned a new trick--spin--it makes me a little dizzy but hey if there's food involved I'm all for it. My new nickname is Squeaky Magoo...because I like to go around with a squeak toy in my mouth squeaking it non-stop. I dunno where the Magoo comes in, I think mom is just weird. Here are some pictures of my cuteness!

Practicing my hunting skills

Ok I'll be nice an include one with the other two....

Me and my mom
Stay tuned for more adventures...I even went on my first camping trip!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hiking Mt Timpanogos

So we would have updated sooner but mom is really slow at uploading pictures to the net...seriously, I think a turtle would have had it done faster. Anywoo these are from JULY (shameful isn't it?) when we hiked Mt Timpanogos in Utah. Skya didn't live here then and she wouldn't have made it anyway, so it was just the adult huskies. We did invite our friends Shilo the husky and Travi the border collie mix too.

Since there are so many pictures here is a link to the album so you can see all of them. Here's a few highlights!

This is the husky slide. You must find your own snow slides, they are so much fun!

Here we are at the top of the big mountain! I think I can see my house!

Nebo looks way too happy after just hiking that many miles...

I was doing what everyone else should have been doing...

When these giant white goats came all around us

There were a ton of them, even lots of little ones just right for chasing, and mom wouldn't let us even go after one. Not one! Then she kept getting mad at us for howling at them...sheesh...what does she expect, that we're just going to let them be king of the mountain when we made it to the top first?!

Here we are watching another herd of white beasts and she wouldn't let us chase them is no fun.

Gift Swap Pics

Lookit, we were spoiled!

We received this package from a forum gift swap. Nebo knew right away what he wanted...

Why pose when playing is more fun?

Ok, maybe just for one picture

Seriously...does it get any cuter? I think not. We demand more spoiling!