Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Howl-O-Ween from the Huskies!

Say Cheese!

Wait Nebo, you have something in your teeth

Ok you can ham it up now

I'm the cutest Howl-O-Ween Husky!

Ok, I was the cutest Howl-O-Ween this is not cute, seriously

Not much better

Yeah go ahead and tilt your head and look cute, you didn't have a pumpkin on your head

We also went to some costume contests. I was a prisoner (mom said it was awfully appropriate after I chewed up the remote and her PS2 controller...I just think I look good in stripes), Nebo was a police officer (he's the obedient one, well as obedient as a husky gets), and Skya was a skeleton (because she has no guts...get it? It was easier to find than a chicken suit). Nebo and I took second place!

Here we are with our friends Cisco the cowboy and Freyja the clown

In case you missed Skya in that photo, she's visible in this one

Here is the pumpkin mom carved! Can you guess where she found her pumpkin carving inspiration?

The middle one is Nebo, and the front husky with the extra floofy tail is me, Keva

Skya on the heals of Nebo

Here we are with our pumpkin. Syd the schnauzer joined in for the photo, but mom didn't feel like trying to carve a schnauzer on the pumpkin too, sorry Syd.

We hope everyone has a great Hoooooowl-O-Ween! Love, the huskies and Syd

Friday, October 24, 2008

Skya's First Camping Trip

These are from about a month ago, the pathetic human is slacking again, but what can you do. We went on a camping was Skya's first, but we've been on many camping trips, we love the outdoors! I think you can tell from these pictures that she enjoyed herself and so did we!

Nebo was not amused by the leaf

I wasn't either

Okay, I pretended to enjoy it a little, there were cookies involved

After the leaf photo attempts, we went to a lake. She put us on this rock and somehow thought we'd look at the camera.

Sorry we thought the camera was over there...

Hmmm this pic looks familiar...

Pictures over? Okay, time to smell like wet dog!

Look closely at this picture...

See it? Yeah, it's a sheep turd...personally I prefer the cow pies, but sheep turds aren't half bad either. Mom didn't notice while taking the picture, just later when looking at them on the computer. She thinks we're gross. I'll make sure to lick her in face when she has forgotten about my love of poo eating.

Grass Eating 101

He's pretty handsome for a red head

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Birthday Party Pics!

So you got to see the trouble I was in on my Birthday, now you get to see the pictures from my party! We had lots of guests over...Sandy, Napoleon, Cisco, Freyja, Travi, Lady, Vash, and of course me, Nebo, Skya, and Sydney! Oh yeah, there were some humans there too...
Here's Sandy, Syd, Napoleon, Skya, and Nebo's butt

Napoleon and Cisco (and Nebo's butt)

Freyja and Travi
Me and my buddy Freyja

Smack down!

Oooh my favorite little legged dog, Vash!

I love him so much I could just eat him!

Skya and Vash

Please tell me I don't have to entertain the puppy (Lady)

After my friends left I opened my presents

I love opening presents...unfortunately so do the other two, so I had some help

No I'm not spoiled

Then the other day I received another Birthday present in the mail! Thanks Alisha and family!

Hey that's mine!

Seriously, get your paws off!

Mine mine mine mine...did I hear cookies?