Thursday, April 30, 2009

Diesel's portrait

Hey everybody, sorry we've been slacking on our blog. Mom has had finals at school so she's been busy. We're not sure why, we went to school too, all we had to learn was sit, stay, and come and we're pretty sure she already knows those. Oh well, we have a bunch of pictures to share but now she's going on a trip for the weekend and stopping at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (without us!) so those will have to wait. For now, here is a portrait of our friend Diesel in crazy bright colors.

Here is Diesel with it

And just because here is a pic of another artwork (pastel) that mom finally framed

Also here's a funny pic of Skya for good measure ;)

We're still trying to raise money for homeless pets with Strut Your Mutt too - please check out the link on the right side of our blog, thanks! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I've been framed!

I've been accused of a crime!

Mom said I've been digging!

Can you believe she accused me of that? Clearly I've been framed.

She's also accusing Keva of being my partner-in-crime

Can you really look at these faces and not think we're innocent?

I told her Nebo framed us but she doesn't believe me. Nobody ever blames Nebo. Doesn't he look just a little too clean....suspiciously clean....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Help us help homeless pets - Strut Your Mutt!

Every year we go to a cool event called Strut Your Mutt. It's a big gathering of dogs (and their humans) and its lots of tail-wagging fun. The goal is to raise funds to help homeless pets so we always try our best to raise money for it.

Our mom is offering some prizes for donations - a free 8x10 of any of our photos (see our links for Wolf Q Studios for a few winter themed ones or feel free to choose any from our blog) for a $100 donation or a free 8x10 pet portrait of one pet (see the Pet Portraits website in our links) for a $200 donation. Any donations in any amount are very much appreciated! Remember its not for us, its for homeless pets! You can donate quick and easy online (its secure) at this website (you can also find a working link on the right, we haven't been able to get the links in posts to work) Thanks, and we promise to have LOTS of photos!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

We love hunting for Easter eggs, check out our video from today! There's photos in the previous post too. Happy Easter everyone!

Happy Easter!

So we're a little late, but we'd still like to say Happy Easter...

Or as we prefer to call it, "stupid-bunny-ears-on-your-head-day"

Whoa Skya, you're looking way too happy about those bunny ears, somebody might get the impression you actually like them

That's better! We have to make sure we look as pathetic as possible when being embarassed like this

Now this is really better! No more stupid bunny ears...why do we put up with this? Oh yeah, it involves cookies.

Did we hear something about an Easter egg hunt? Stay tuned for our video!