Friday, September 5, 2008


Wooooo let me introduce myself first, since I am cutest and all. I'm Keva, I'm a siberian husky, and I'm almost 2 years old. Mom says I'm small for a husky, which I think just makes me cuter. Plus I have extra tail fluff to make up for it. I've been told I'm a NAW-TEE dog sometimes, I'm not sure what that means...I'm just being a husky. What, they didn't the trees pruned and the yard landscaped? They just don't appreciate my skills.

I love to talk, I have a dinnertime song and a bathtime song, mom really doesn't appreciate the bathtime song (I try to make it as obnoxious as possible). I have faith she will eventually give up and stop giving me monthly baths. She says thats what she does for a living so its not going to happen, but one can try, right? I have this great way of getting out of trouble...take note...when you've been a bad dog, immediately roll on your back, give your best puppy dog eyes, and wag your tail like crazy. Adding a cute little woo woo helps too. Works every time! I love people, they exist to feed me and rub my belly. I love to kiss them unsuspectingly, especially right in the face, I'm a pro at it. I love other dogs too, I have lots of friends, I'll introduce them later. For now I suppose I have to give the spotlight over to the big dog, Nebo.

I'm Nebo, I'm also a siberian husky, and I'm 6 years old. Apparently I started this whole siberian husky pack, mom doesn't seem to know how to just have one. Though I hate to admit it, I do enjoy the other two. I have a reputation to keep up though, I try to not let mom catch me on camera playing with the puppy. Mom says I'm a good boy, I'm content to just relax most of the day. She calls me her "fake husky" I'm not sure what that means, but she refers to Keva as the "real husky." I'm quiet, and sweet, I do occasionally help Keva with the tree pruning, but I never dig holes. I don't even rip up toys, I love my toys.

My favorite thing in the world is cheese. Just say that word and I'll be there. Besides that, I love to go hiking. It's my element. I don't talk as much as Keva, I prefer growling. Mom thinks its funny that I growl and moan when anybody hugs me. She keeps forgetting about me keeping up a reputation, I'm not a sissy momma's boy for heaven's sake! Oh, and mom thinks its silly that I have a favorite toy I bring to bed every night. Like she didn't bring toys to bed when she was 6 years old, sheesh. I suppose the little white alligator dog wants to get a word in too...

I'm Skya, I have blue eyes and a fuzzy tail so I guess that makes me a siberian husky too? I've only been here a few weeks, a nice lady came into my mom's work with me and my siblings and my mom couldn't say no so I came home. She keeps telling people she's officially crazy now, I don't know why she'd say that. Is it crazy to have three adorable huskies? I'm cute and I know it. Mom says I think I'm a big dog. Who says I'm small? I walk all over Keva! I know how to sit and shake...and chew...and dig...and howl...yep, definitely all husky! Until I'm a little older I get to go to work with mom every day. I love car rides, I climb right in when the door opens. I keep trying to free mom from that funny belt she's strapped in while she's driving, but she never lets me chew through it, so I work at pulling up the fuzz on the seats instead. Always helpful!

Hey don't I even get a mention? I'm Sydney the schnauzer, and I'm 6 years old. I don't belong to the same person as the crazy huskies, but I live in the same house. I guess that makes me an honorary husky. Not that I want to be a husky...I'm perfectly content being a schnauzer thank-you-very-much. Those huskies aren't good for anything anyway...pathetic guard dogs, they don't even bark at the door! They don't guard the yard by barking at anything either. I don't shed, I'm small, and I don't dig. Why would anyone want a husky when they could have a schnauzer? I'm the diva of the house and I expect to be treated accordingly.

Group shot!

Wooo woo thats all for now, we have lots of past adventures to catch up on with pictures, and we're going to a pool tomorrow to swim (at least mom thinks we're going to swim...not if its too cold, yes we're huskies but we only like really cold water if its snow!). Mom is a bit of a camera addict so be prepared for waaaay too many photos! Love, the Huskies and Syd.

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cyber-sibes said...

Welcome to blogdom, Syd, Nebo, Keva, & Skya! Syd, your toenails look very nice matching your bandana. You're quite a pretty little honorary husky!

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo