Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gift Swap Pics

Lookit, we were spoiled!

We received this package from a forum gift swap. Nebo knew right away what he wanted...

Why pose when playing is more fun?

Ok, maybe just for one picture

Seriously...does it get any cuter? I think not. We demand more spoiling!


cyber-sibes said...

OH MY DOG!!! KEVA & BEBO ( Skya & Syd, too)!!! We didn't know woo had a blog! When we saw "Amy" & "Keva" on your post, we mushed right over! This is so great, woo will love blogging. (Lots of huskies here). And the bipeds will love your mom's outstanding ability with a camera & all the gorgeous places woo guys get to go!

Nose bonks & kissies to all of woo,
Star & Jack

Sunny,Scooter,Jamie said...

hay khrahaykhyra, cum pik u out a ward,k?(duzn' madder wich wun-just pik wn u lik! if sumwon lse did too, thas ok!) i cnt stay long. typerererr is quitin SOON, i kin tell.
hi 5s

anthony said...


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