Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Wooo woo today is my Birthday! I am two years old! Look at what a cute puppy I was!

I am still adorable and I still fit my nickname...Devious Miss Kevious

If the puppy pictures aren't enough cuteness, check out this video of me as a puppy
I'm smarter now...(mom isn't)


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Happy Birfday to WOO!

Khool woo are TWO!!

So are Steve and Kat!!!

Livergreat fur all!!!!


Cyber-sibes Star and Jack said...

Yappy Birthday to Woo,
Yappy Birthday to Woo,
Yappy Birthday, Dear Devious Miss Kevious,
Yappy Birthday to Woo!

oh yeah, we (Star & humom) remember when your mama got cha! SUCH a cutie, and woo sure rocked Nebo's world, but he's gotten over it, eh?

Snooter smooches, woos & a-rooos,
Star & Jack a-roo

Brendon said...

Keva (did I spell that right?) is adorable! Even when she's muddy and wet... LOL. Happy Birthday Keva or Kiva...

Pedro said...


You certainly were a cute puppy but now your are BEAUTIFUL! Happy 2nd Birthday to you! Hey! I'm 2 too!!


Strawberry Shortcake said...

Happy Birthday to your puppy! What beautiful pictures. Amy, you need to go work for National Geographic!

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Happy Birthday, Keva! We have the same birthday! That's how you know it's great.

Steve and Kat

Raising Addie said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

You are just goreous!


Phred said...

Happie Birfday, Keva!!

For the record - you're STILL a *Cute Kid*!

The Army of Four said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My mom is totally in love with you - even with mud all over you! Ha roooooo!
Play bows,

Amici said...

Happy Birthday!!! You are WAY cute!

Hope you had a fantastic day!

Craig said...

Happy belated birthday Keva! I had a good laugh seeing the muddy picture.

I'm glad your mom dropped a note about your new blog; I assume your brother and sister will get some air time much to your dismay ;)